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Do You See What I See?

Well, that was a lot easier than I expected! I realize this is the second post in as many hours but I just had to share.



Right there, pretty much front and centre in the first bag I pulled out of the closet! How fortuitous is that? That’s the yarn I need for John’s sweater. Now, it’s time to get to work.

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The Husband Sweater – Revisited


Remember this sweater? I finished it in April of 2007, and blogged about it here. John still loves his sweater and, though he’s added an inch or two to his girth, still wears it well… a lot. I really do need to knit him another sweater one of these days.

So why am I bringing up the subject of his sweater? Well, earlier this week, he told me he has a job for me to do this weekend. When I asked, somewhat warily, what it was, he showed me one of the sleeves on this sweater.


Part of today will be spent on an archaeological dig through my stash. I know I have a little bit of this yarn left… somewhere in one of the many bags and boxes of stash. I have a pretty good idea of which of the two “bags” it’s in, but… well, let’s just say that I’ve been known to be wrong. I do hope I can find it… whether it’s the denim blue or either the green or purple. I’ll only be re-knitting the cuffs after all.

And just a reminder… You’re going to be sick of reading about this but don’t forget…

12 days

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I think I see a lot of knitting in my weekend.

P.S. Happy Candlemas… aka Groundhog Day. 


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