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So Now What?


The Metalouse Shawl is off the needles… you knew that. It is currently luxuriating in a nice, hot bath, shortly to be blocked. I must admit, though, I’m not looking forward to getting down on hands and knees to pin it out on my bedroom floor. I would use the bed but I’m not sure the shawl would be dry by bedtime.

I am in a quandary now. Since the shawl is off the needles, what do I put ON my needles? I know… I should be finishing a few other projects (like weaving in all the ends on the Monster pants and embroidering the face… that will be happening before the end of this month); I could work on the 10-stitch blanket; there are a couple other small projects waiting to be finished but there is just something about starting a new project.

To be honest, I’ve been a little uninspired in the knitting department lately. Don’t get me wrong; it feels great to have repaired John’s sweater and to have recycled his favourite socks but that’s not “Knitting”… it’s practical knitting, akin to mending. It’s not creative knitting… I’m not really sure how to say it but I think if you are a knitter, you understand. I suppose you could say that it doesn’t satisfy the creative need.

Maybe I’ll dig out the sewing machine again this weekend; I found a pattern for a neat little shopping tote bag. It zips up into what looks like a wallet. It even has a little zippered pocket that could be used to keep a quarter or loonie ($1.00 coin for all you non-Canadians) for the grocery cart. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do.

All I need is a couple of zippers. I had already decided to drag John out shopping with me today. Often, I’ll go out by myself on Saturdays and, while out and about, I’ll even take myself out for lunch. Today, I’m taking HIM out for lunch (he doesn’t know this yet)… I’m thinking fish & chips. First though, I’ll drag him to the fabric store and, perhaps, a few other places.

Just a quick reminder… the draw date for the shawl is quickly approaching. If you would like to be entered to win it, don’t forget to leave a comment on any post on the blog.  -Ev

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