Decision Made!

ironing board

Today has been spent doing little things… waffles for lunch, blogging (yup, you get two for the price of one today!), a bit of tidying, a bit of shopping, a bit of sewing, and a decision made.

Late yesterday, I decided to go out to FabricLand today to pick up some of the heaviest batting I could find. My ironing board desperately needs a new cover. The one that was on it had a hole and each time I’d iron, I’d snag my iron in it. That is no longer the case!

I had enough of this blue fabric, and still some left over, to make a new ironing board cover. The up side is that it’s so much more cheerful than the old blue/grey cover that was on it.  Ironing might actually be fun now!

All in all, from the moment I left the house to the moment I tied the cover to the ironing board, the cover took me about two hours to make. That included driving to the store, poking around, driving home, tracing the ironing board to make the pattern, to cutting everything out and sewing it up and threading a string through the casing! Not bad at all, I think!

As I alluded to in the title, I’ve also made a decision. I will be ordering the yarn for John’s new sweater but in the meantime I want something else to work on, something that almost qualifies as instant gratification. I know what it will be… something that is almost (but not quite) practical knitting. John desperately… and I do mean desperately… needs a new pair of slippers. I made his slippers in October of 2010… two and a half years ago… almost a year ago, I blogged about the fact that both our slippers had started to wear out (I don’t wear mine anymore because of the holes). I guess it’s about time he gets a new pair, wouldn’t you say?

I’m starting to feel really sorry for him…



You can also see the holes in the elbows of his sweater. It really does look as if I’m being a neglectful wife, doesn’t it? So, yes, slippers are definitely in order!

felted clogs 4J


I’ll just go and cast on now.

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6 thoughts on “Decision Made!

  1. I like fabric you picked for cover.

  2. What pattern are you using for the slippers? My hubby has asked for some but I haven’t found a pattern he likes.

    • Hi Sharon, It’s a FibreTrends pattern, the Felted Clogs, pattern number AC-33x. I keep coming back to this pattern; this is the fourth time I’ve made them; once for myself and this is the third time I’m making them for John.

  3. Those are some well-loved slippers! 🙂 And, I can’t believe you finished that cover in only 2 hours! WTG! 🙂

  4. Hey! I have made several pairs of those slippers, and my father-in-law recently showed me that his were developing holes (though nowhere near as impressive as the ones in your husband’s slippers). The tops were in perfect condition, so he just glued sole-shaped pieces of felt to the bottoms. Voila! Mine are past the point where felt will heal them, so I will be making myself a new pair -and I bought leather patches to sew on the bottoms to extend the life.

  5. LOL I should have done the leather soles last summer when the holes were just little but….. oh well, he’ll have new slippers by this weekend. Hey, thanks for commenting on the blog; I’ve also started following yours!

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