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The Metalouse shawl has now been blocked and is off the needles! It had it’s photo shoot this morning; I must admit that, after blocking, I’m liking it much more than I did while knitting it. That is not to say I’m entering my name into the mix; I’m not. It will find it’s way, I hope, to someone who will love it and appreciate it more than I would.

Kristie made a suggestion in the comments on my last post – a sweater for John. Yes, it’s time, isn’t it? I’ve repaired his blue sweater and the green one I knit him ages ago desperately needs replacing (the holes at the elbow are getting larger by the day); I’m not even going to think about repairing it.

I asked him this morning what colour he would like his next sweater to be; his immediate response (he was still half asleep, incidentally) was “brown”. He has a green one, he has a blue one but he doesn’t have a brown sweater. So, I brought up the KnitPicks web site, the City Tweed Aran page, to be precise, and showed him one colour. He nixxed it immediately and pointed to another swatch. This one…

City Tweed Aran – Habanero

I will be ordering the yarn later this week, along with a couple of books, and will be measuring John, drawing out design ideas and drafting a pattern for his soon-to-be new sweater. In the meantime, I’ll be weaving in the ends on the Monster pants and working on the 10-stitch blanket while listening to an audiobook (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – I’m working my way through the series).

Ends, ends, ends!

Ends, ends, ends!

For those of you wondering, yesterday was enjoyable; I think we’ll do it again in the not too distant future. I first had him drive me to the fabric store to pick up a couple of zippers and some fusible interfacing (I’ll show you why tomorrow). We had a few groceries to pick up but before we did that, I gave him directions on where to go. He caught on fairly quickly. I think he had a mild panic attack when he saw Mama Panda (an Oriental buffet restaurant; we won’t eat there!) but I had my heart set on fish and chips. I’d tried to get him there before but he wouldn’t believe me that the fish was actually pretty good. Not as good as his but pretty good.

He was impressed. He was impressed enough that he agreed we could eat there again the next time the craving for fish and chips hit us.

The best part of the day, though, was when he told me that this is what he needed – to get out of the house, do something we don’t normally do – together.

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So Now What?


The Metalouse Shawl is off the needles… you knew that. It is currently luxuriating in a nice, hot bath, shortly to be blocked. I must admit, though, I’m not looking forward to getting down on hands and knees to pin it out on my bedroom floor. I would use the bed but I’m not sure the shawl would be dry by bedtime.

I am in a quandary now. Since the shawl is off the needles, what do I put ON my needles? I know… I should be finishing a few other projects (like weaving in all the ends on the Monster pants and embroidering the face… that will be happening before the end of this month); I could work on the 10-stitch blanket; there are a couple other small projects waiting to be finished but there is just something about starting a new project.

To be honest, I’ve been a little uninspired in the knitting department lately. Don’t get me wrong; it feels great to have repaired John’s sweater and to have recycled his favourite socks but that’s not “Knitting”… it’s practical knitting, akin to mending. It’s not creative knitting… I’m not really sure how to say it but I think if you are a knitter, you understand. I suppose you could say that it doesn’t satisfy the creative need.

Maybe I’ll dig out the sewing machine again this weekend; I found a pattern for a neat little shopping tote bag. It zips up into what looks like a wallet. It even has a little zippered pocket that could be used to keep a quarter or loonie ($1.00 coin for all you non-Canadians) for the grocery cart. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do.

All I need is a couple of zippers. I had already decided to drag John out shopping with me today. Often, I’ll go out by myself on Saturdays and, while out and about, I’ll even take myself out for lunch. Today, I’m taking HIM out for lunch (he doesn’t know this yet)… I’m thinking fish & chips. First though, I’ll drag him to the fabric store and, perhaps, a few other places.

Just a quick reminder… the draw date for the shawl is quickly approaching. If you would like to be entered to win it, don’t forget to leave a comment on any post on the blog.  -Ev

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Sneak Peek

Well, the Hamburger…. um… Metalouse Shawl is off the needles. I finished it around 11:00 p.m. last night so I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek.


It has not been blocked yet (that will happen this weekend) and I must tell you that I’m liking it a whole lot more now that it’s off the needles and draped over my favourite chair. Once it’s all blocked and looking pretty (and had it’s official portrait taken), I’ll post all the details. For now, though…

The contest closes in exactly one week. February 14 is the last day to enter the giveaway. And, to refresh your memory, all you need to do for your chance to win this shawl is to leave a comment on the blog. Your comment can be on any post, but it must be a comment. That’s it.

I will choose the winner on Friday, Feb. 15; all names are being entered into an Excel spreadsheet and I will use an online number generator to choose the winning entry.

Care to share your opinion?

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It didn’t take long at all. Once I got the sleeve stitches on the needles, it only took half an hour or so to reknit and cast off the cuff. After the first one was complete, John commented that I really didn’t have to do the second cuff; it was fine, after all. And, besides, who’d notice? Then he looked at me.


“Oh right,” he said, “you would.” That’s when he stopped talking silliness.


All in all, it took just over an hour to repair and reknit the cuffs. There’s a little bit of a pucker where I joined the new yarn; I anticipate that will even out after the next washing, which will be soon. John’s sweater should be good for another few years. He’s happy; I’m happy!

In other things, on Friday I took a few minutes of my lunch break to go over to the thrift store a few doors down from where I work. I’ve found a few things there over the years, as any of my regular readers will know. This time, I came home with two pieces of fabric.


Since I’ve been having so much fun making the zippy pouches and other quilty type things, I couldn’t resist these fabrics. They’re so colourful! And cute! The blue piece is about 1.4 metres (.70 m wide) and the orange one is just over half a metre… all for just under $5.00. Now, I just need to find the time to do more sewing!

Instead of sewing, I have been knitting. The Metalouse shawl saw some progress last night; I have about 24 rows (give or take) left to work. Today, I’m baking. There’s Sourdough Rye bread rising and up next is Boston Cream Pie. I’ve been craving that lately, for some reason. There will be pictures!

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Do You See What I See?

Well, that was a lot easier than I expected! I realize this is the second post in as many hours but I just had to share.



Right there, pretty much front and centre in the first bag I pulled out of the closet! How fortuitous is that? That’s the yarn I need for John’s sweater. Now, it’s time to get to work.

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The Husband Sweater – Revisited


Remember this sweater? I finished it in April of 2007, and blogged about it here. John still loves his sweater and, though he’s added an inch or two to his girth, still wears it well… a lot. I really do need to knit him another sweater one of these days.

So why am I bringing up the subject of his sweater? Well, earlier this week, he told me he has a job for me to do this weekend. When I asked, somewhat warily, what it was, he showed me one of the sleeves on this sweater.


Part of today will be spent on an archaeological dig through my stash. I know I have a little bit of this yarn left… somewhere in one of the many bags and boxes of stash. I have a pretty good idea of which of the two “bags” it’s in, but… well, let’s just say that I’ve been known to be wrong. I do hope I can find it… whether it’s the denim blue or either the green or purple. I’ll only be re-knitting the cuffs after all.

And just a reminder… You’re going to be sick of reading about this but don’t forget…

12 days

Leave a comment (you must leave a comment!) on any post and you’re automatically entered.

I think I see a lot of knitting in my weekend.

P.S. Happy Candlemas… aka Groundhog Day. 


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