Progress Made

It felt good to make a little progress on the Lowtide Cardi this week. I’d like to have made more, but I did have to wait for the blocked pieces to dry. Now that they’re dry, I’m hoping to make some serious progress this weekend.

The first photo shows all three of the bodice pieces and the second shows the back bodice. The next step is to join the garter stitch shoulder “seams” and then to pick up stitches all along the lower edge. Extra stitches are cast on at the underarms and the body of the cardigan is knit down until the desired length. Picking up all those hundreds of stitches will be the fun part… not! Once the body of the sweater is done, the live stitches are picked up at the armholes with more picked up at the underarm; the sleeves are then worked downward to the desired length as well. That’s one of the nice things about this little cardi. You can make the sleeves, and the body, as long or as short as you wish and, I must admit, I haven’t quite decided what length I’d like the sleeves.

Then, as I’ve said before, I’ve decided to keep a pair of socks on the needles for TV knitting and, simply, because John can use all the socks I can make him (I might have to cast on a pair for myself, too… mine are all starting to wear at the heels). I showed you the pair currently on the needles in the last post; it’s seen some progress as well.


I’m almost to the toe shaping on the first sock but I want John to try it on first; I’m a little concerned that the foot might be a bit too wide. I’m not terribly concerned but I do want to be sure it will fit properly. Once I’ve been reassured, it will be full steam ahead and the second sock will be cast on shortly after this one comes off the needles.

What’s the weather doing in your neck of the woods? Here, it’s a gorgeous sunny day and it has revealed some very grungy looking windows. I’ll be taking care of that little issue in a few minutes and a little later this morning, John and I will be heading over to the college where they’re, apparently, having a heritage seed exchange. We don’t have any seeds to exchange but it will be interesting to see what’s available.

It is definitely time to start thinking about the garden (too early to get out there as yet, but we can think about it).

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One thought on “Progress Made

  1. Your cardi is coming along beautifully. I’m so glad you got your knitting mojo back. You do such amazingly beautiful work, and I love seeing it. I’m also sure that John is happy about the decision to continue making socks for him. Nothing like a pair of hand-made wool socks to keep a persons feel nice and toasty warm.

    Looking forward to seeing you IN that cardi soon. 🙂

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