Fear of Commitment

All weekend, I’ve been thinking about today’s blog post, wondering what I’d write about, and coming up empty. I did post to my photo blog yesterday, as well as to my cooking blog but when it came to this blog, I had no idea what to write about.

Until today.

You see, there’s been next to no knitting. I’ve done as much as I can on the 10-stitch blanket; I’ve run out of yarn. I still don’t feel like working on the Lowtide Cardigan and, besides, I’ve been too busy cooking and taking pictures, and puttering in the garden. However, I did feel like knitting. I went on the hunt for instant gratification.

And found it.

That’s where the fear of commitment comes in. I decided that, even though summer’s on the horizon (albeit rather distantly), I am going to knit myself another cowl. I went hunting on Ravelry and found a pattern I’d already downloaded at one point. The cowl is…. oh, just wait for it………… the Fear of Commitment cowl.

I knew immediately which yarn I’d been using. There’s a ball of Malabrigo sitting in my stash from who knows how long ago? I’m knitting the cowl on 7.0 mm needles. Within what seemed like minutes, I had two inches of the cowl knitted.

FOC cowl

There’s definitely something about instant gratification. This is going to be one cushy, warm cowl and I’m already looking forward to wearing it on those chilly days of autumn and winter.

So, why is it called the Fear of Commmitment cowl? Well, it calls for a toggle-like button connected to a small button by some elastic thread that you can use to fasten the cowl in a variety of forms, depending on your mood. It’s not just a loop of knitting that you wear around your neck. I don’t mind that kind of fear of commitment!

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2 thoughts on “Fear of Commitment

  1. It certainly looks easy enough, so it won’t be too much of a strain for you. LOL I like the colors in that yarn too. Happy colors.

    I have a confession about my lace pattern with the knupps. Well, I did not like the knupps at all. After knitting up several of them, around 20 or so, I didn’t like the look of them. They seems floppy or sloppy to me, and too much work to keep at it. I frogged the piece and started over, and I’m using little beads where the knupps would have been. The beads look much nicer! LOL

  2. LOL Sandie! That’s the fun of knitting; you can do what you like. At least you’ve give nupps a try. My little cowl is all knitted up and now needs a fancy button. It was a lovely afternoon of knitting. Now I’m looking for another quick knit!

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