This Is Serious!

001Let me start out by saying that I have no intention of turning the blog into a health/fitness related blog. That just isn’t me. That said, however, this post is just that.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a golfing event and John won a door prize – a gym bag with a variety of freebies included (an umbrella, a frisbee, a book, some zippered pouches, etc.). Included was also a free one month membership. I immediately claimed it as I know there’s no way John will use it. After all, his job is very physical, being a gardener.

002I’ve decided that I’m going to do it. Actually, I did it! After work yesterday, I went to the gym and was given the grand tour and signed up for the one month free membership.

003One of my sisters asked me on Facebook why; here’s what I told her:

The numbers on my scale are too high (160 lbs… I should be around 130 lbs), my blood pressure’s too high, my cholesterol is too high, the price of a new wardrobe for this enlarging body is too high, and I don’t want the extra meds my doctor is threatening to put me on (to lower my cholesterol). By joining a gym, I’m taking a serious step to addressing all those issues.

It is something I swore I would never do but I can tell you, it’s not easy getting off that chair to go for a walk every day. The gym I’ve signed up with is between work and home and is open 24/7. It’s my intention to drop in after work a minimum of three times a week, for a minimum of half an hour to an hour each time.

And the cost? Well, if I look at it as a lump sum, it’s a lot of money (I won’t say just how much); however, it is billed bi-weekly and that cost  is about the cost of two bottles of wine. So, realistically, it’s about the cost of a single bottle of wine per week (we sometimes go through three or four on a weekend). I know we can afford that.

I’ll let you know how it goes.




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6 thoughts on “This Is Serious!


  2. Good for you. The phrase “Use it or lose it” is true, as I see from people of my parents’ generation. Eating right and staying active are essential if we want to enjoy good health in our later years.

    • The eating right isn’t a big problem around here. Generally speaking, that is. For me, it’s the motivation to keep moving. I do have a somewhat physical job but I know that as you age, it’s harder. I just need to do it! And that feels good in and of itself.

  3. I wish you all the very best. This could be exactly what you needed, at this point in your life, and that is why John won the month free membership. It gives you a chance to find out if it can be helpful for you, without throwing any money away, just a bit of your time. Besides, you just might discover that it can be a fun thing to do as well. I do hope so. 🙂

    • Thanks Sandie. I think you’re right about the timing. I went today and I did enjoy it. Thursday is the next visit, I’m thinking. I’m worth it!

  4. I always said I would never go to a gym too, but signed up at the Y a year ago. I surprised myself by sticking to it, and was almost sad when I cancelled my membership last week due to our upcoming move. Good for you for giving it a try – I know how intimidating it is to walk through the doors the first couple of times and see all those people who know what they are doing! A book I would recommend is Younger Next Year For Women. It will give you the reasons behind why it is so important to go.

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