My Dirty Little Secret

This is going to be a highly unusual post for me to be posting. It’s a household cleaning tip. Now, if you know me at all, you know that housecleaning is not my favourite thing in the world to do. That said, I’ve discovered something that I just have to share. It has to do with stainless steel coffee/tea mugs.

Around here, we have a few of them. John has his favourites and I have my two tea mugs (heaven help anyone who uses them for anything but tea!). John recently bought a replacement for mine because it was so stained with tea that it was impossible to clean. I’d tried scrubbing it with Vim and SOS pads to absolutely no avail. So it was replaced and has been serving only as a back up when I leave my current mug at work.

John, too, has his favourite, one he found at work. It too, though, was dreadfully stained and almost black on the inside. See for yourself…

dirty little secretThis particular mug is quite narrow and there’s no way that I, even with my fairly small hands, could get in to clean it. Then I had a thought.

I’d seen suggestions for using denture cleaning tablets for cleaning some hard to clean items so I thought, “Why not the mugs?”

I went shopping. I will not lie; it felt a little strange buying Efferdent.

dirty little secret 3I emptied two of the little pouches into John’s mug, added hot water, let it stand for a half hour or so, then took a brush to the mug. Oh my goodness!!

dirty little secret 4And he was actually drinking out of this mug? Now, though, the mug looks like this…

dirty little secret 2Even my mug, with it’s caked on tea stains (we’re talking about having to scrape it off!) is absolutely spotless! My mug took a little more work and about six packets and an overnight soak, and then a bit of scrubbing with an SOS pad but it’s clean. I am terribly impressed.

So, there’s my cleaning tip. For hard to clean things, like stained stainless steel mugs? Efferdent!





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6 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret

  1. You know what? I’ll tell you that you could use those buggers on anything! I learned that from the cleaning lady that worked in the shop before I came there. She used it also on carpets (solution!) and other stuff.
    Milk takes out ballpen stains (soak it for 15 minutes and then rinse and wash).

    I’m not that much of a cleaning lady myself; but it sure does come in handy. Thank you!

  2. Wow, that is potent stuff! Thanks for the tip.
    i use 3 Alka Seltzer tablets to open a slow drain and people use it as an antacid. I like the Efferdent!

    • Interesting, isn’t it? And to think we ingest some of this stuff… makes you wonder!

  3. I just add a little bleach to my dishpan and let the cups soak a few minutes. Brush them out, and they are sparkling clean. Works for coffee and tea stains, and since I always have it handy to begin with, it’s not an extra purchase either. You probably have a dish washer, and maybe that is why you never thought of doing it that way. But I’ve never had a dishwasher, so about once a week, I add a bit of bleach to the dishpan. It keeps stains under control all the time. 🙂

  4. Sandie, these stains were beyond bleach, I’m embarassed to say! I don’t have a dishwasher these days (my dishwasher is named John… or Evelyn).

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