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I will freely admit to it – I sometimes become obsessed with things. Pens, for instance. I love pens. A good pen is a precious thing. The good pens are to be guarded and used by no one else but me. Even at work, heaven help the person who “borrows” my good pens and, yes, even pencils (mechanical pencils only, thank you… preferably Staedtler mechanical pencils).

Hand in hand with a pen obsession, I love paper, too. Beautiful notebooks, cards, paper… it’s all good! I’ve long been a crafter and I’ve long worked with paper. This past week, I played with paper again.

notebook obsessionSee, I said I was obsessed with pens. That aside, though, do you see the notebook? I made it.

I came across a pin on Pinterest about basic bookbinding. It lead to this series of tutorials on the website Damask Love, entitled Bookbinding University. Lesson one shows how to make your own composition notebook. It really was quite simple; it helps that I had most of the supplies to make a notebook, as well as ready access to paper.

notebook stitchingThe pages and cover are pierced and hand-stitched together. The plan is that this will be my fountain pen practice notebook. Even though my handwriting is quite presentable, I’d like to improve it.

notebookJohn chuckled a bit when he saw that I’d used duct tape for the binding. The tutorial calls for book cloth; that, however, is one thing I do not have. I do have duct tape and it has a fiber mesh, so I considered it the next best thing. The yellow pen, by the way, is my Lamy Safari fountain pen, my new favourite writing implement.

The quote on the first page of the book, incidentally, is by Douglas Pagels.

“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.”

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