Coming Back to Life

I suppose the title of this post is appropriate in more ways than one. Spring is coming on in our part of the world.  I know that in parts of Eastern Canada, they’re still struggling with snow and all the nastiness that comes with it; I’m certainly not trying to rub in the fact that our weather is lovely and that things are starting to come up. Spring has arrived here; our season of new life has arrived. If you’re still buried under mountains of snow where you are, I can empathize. I was, after all, born in Winnipeg.

Just a few minutes ago, I took the camera out to our little flower garden out front and saw these:

007The tulips are doing well. It won’t be long before there’s colour outside our door. I’m not sure how many tulips we planted last year but there should be a nice showing of tulips before long.

008The irises, too, are green with new life. I’m looking forward to seeing the masses of white irises. They always make me feel happy.

009And then there are the gorgeous, big, red poppies, the show offs of the garden.

010Even the bergamot is showing signs of life. Is it any wonder why I love spring?

As I said at the beginning of this post, the title is appropriate. Even I am noticing a “coming back to life”. It’s as if I’ve been hibernating through the winter and, now that spring is in the air, I, too, am reawakening. I’ve already been out for a few walks, enjoying the tinge of warmth in the still brisk air, relishing the sunshine, looking for all of the signs of spring.

Hopefully, I’ll be more inclined to update this poor, neglected blog a little more often than I have. The last couple of posts have been nothing but bad news. I promise you, there is good news coming!

I have been knitting but not much. I’ve been reading but not much. I’ve been painting but, really, not much. I’ve been waiting for spring and now that it’s upon us, I’m finally feeling more alive, more inspired, more desirous of “doing” rather than just “being”.





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6 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life

  1. And aren’t you just the lucky one. Sorry to say, but even though I am not in Canada, I do live in the East, and in a mountainous area as well, of northeast PA. And the snow was very deep, and the melting has just recently begun. So I can’t say we have any signs of Spring just yet, in the flower beds, but a few select song birds have returned to help us and encourage us not to lose hope, Spring will arrive soon. Eastern Blue Bird, Robins, Phoebe’s, to mention just a few, have been singing the songs of Spring to us, and I have been enjoying that sign of Spring very much. 🙂

    You did have a rough Winter, in more ways than one, so I am glad if there is “good news” and I do hope you are doing well.

    • Sandie, you were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this. All through the eastern part of the continent, it’s been a hard winter, from what we’ve been seeing and hearing. My thoughts have been with you. Spring does get here eventually; I just hope, for the sake of all of you living with mountains of yet to melt snow, that it doesn’t come in one fell swoop but gradually, to give the snow a chance to melt slowly rather than all at once. I fear, though, that we will be hearing about flooding before too long.

      I am doing well, Sandie. It has been a rough winter and I never realized how it had hit me but, as I said in my post, it’s spring in more ways than one. 🙂

  2. Lovely to see you back, Ev! Sometimes we just have to pull in our heads and wait, right? Hope things are starting to look up now.

    • Louisa, thank you! I’ve been feeling a little (just a little) guilty about not posting but my head and my heart just weren’t there. You’re right, sometimes we just have to wait it out. And things are definitely starting to look up. There are exciting changes in the air.

  3. Elaine Bro

    Hello Evelyn

    How wonderful to walk around the yard and see signs of spring. My winter was like hibernating especially since my car would slide off the hill in any snow so I felt the cabin fever. But now everything feels renewed. B.C. had an awesome winter compared to the rest of Canada.

    The tulips are about two inches out of the ground here, we are usually 2 weeks behind your gardens, in fact there is still a little snow in our yard. Last Autumn I planted quite a few new tulips, it will be nice when they bloom.

    I too am walking more, it would be nice to walk together sometime.

    Here is a poem I learned 40 years ago;

    Sunny Sides and Shady Sides, That’s the way the world divides. Half in Sunshine, Half in Shade, That’s the way the world was made. So dear Ev I hope you ride, Always on the Sunny Side.

    Have a glorious Spring

  4. So glad spring is here! Thanks for sharing these pics!

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