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One Foot In Front of the Other

That phrase kept coming to me on my walk this morning. Yes, I walked (I even forced myself to bake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies yesterday). I had some postcards to get into the mail so I decided to walk to the post office. It’s a 2.5 mile round trip and there was a point where all I wanted to do was sit down. I told myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I’d be home before I knew it.

That’s when it struck me that right now my life walk is tough. I’m tired and all I want to do is sit down and not move. However, I can’t give up; I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s the only way I’ll get to where I need to be on this journey. Along the way, though, I’m allowed to stop and enjoy the view. I need to do that more often.

There are times that the journey isn’t as important as enjoying the view along the way.


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Magical Mystery Tour

John is a fan of taking “magical mystery tours” (Beatle fans, anyone?). Yesterday, he took us on one that resulted in a magical evening of music and friendship rekindled. He has reconnected with an old tree planting friend who plays the flute… wonderfully! John Anderson, and his brother Brian, are a flute and bass guitar duo who play some amazing music and we (John, myself, Z… John’s boss, who is staying with us for the week, and Kristen and the kids) were treated to a wonderful private concert at John’s home. It truly was a magical mystery tour!

I’m on my own mystery tour. At this point, it isn’t very magical.

There are times in your life you wonder if you’re where you should be, whether or not you’re doing what you should be doing, if the work you’re doing is killing you or fulfilling you. Or perhaps you simply need a good, long vacation. I’m at that point. This week, the busy-ness of my job, the everyday stresses of keeping up with the hectic pace at which we’ve been working, have finally caught up with me.

It’s been building for a while. I even told my boss not long ago that once it slows down, I need to take a break. It isn’t slowing down. And this week, the break found me. I’m sure that you, those who still read this blog, realize that I haven’t been posting nearly as often I usually do. Well, in all honesty, I’ve been doing very little of what I usually do. I’ve been too tired to knit; I don’t feel like painting; baking is really low on my priority list (and I LOVE baking!);  even eating has become a chore, believe it or not. And blogging? Well, you know better than anyone, I haven’t been doing much of that!

I’m not sure which direction my life will be taking but I feel I’m at a crossroads. Care to come along for the ride?

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