Fish Lips and Felted Slippers

Well, the knitting bug is back. I’m not going crazy but I certainly am back to enjoying the process. I’ve just cast on a pair of slippers for Ethan, my 5 year old grandson. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that our suite has ceramic tile floors. In the summer, that is a definite bonus as the floors are always nice and cool. In the winter, however, the floors are always freaking cold!

The kids are very good about taking their shoes off when they come in but with the floors as cold as they are sometimes, I don’t like the thought of little feet getting frosty. Hence, slippers must be had.

A few weeks ago, I took Trinity and Ethan to our local yarn store, the Art of Yarn, and went through a book of slipper patterns. Both agreed that the Fiber Trends felt boot slipper pattern (CH-7) would be perfect. We looked at the appropriate yarns and they each chose their colours. Last weekend, I picked up the yarn and needles and last night, I cast on for Ethan’s slippers. This morning, I realized I had started on the wrong size so I’ve frogged the little bit I’d knit and started over.


I’m really looking forward to the felting process, which I intend to do when the kids are here. I think they’ll enjoy the process.

Now, in the matter of John’s socks. I’ll be going stash diving in a little while. I know I have other grey yarn that’s similar to the yarn I used.

Sandie left an interesting comment on yesterday’s post and I’ve followed up on  it. She referred me to the Fish Lips Kiss  Heel… try saying that three times real fast!… and I looked it up on Ravelry. It looked interesting so I splurged. I spent a whole $1.17 cdn and have downloaded the pattern, all 16 pages of it! Wow! That’s a lot of description.

I will definitely be trying that pattern/method. I think I’ll start with a pair of socks for Ethan before going big and making another pair for John. I’d rather knit a pair of socks for 7″ feet than for 12″ feet, especially since it’s a new-to-me pattern. When they arrive later today, I’ll start following the directions for measuring Ethan’s feet; we may even go stash diving together to see if any of the sock yarn I have meets his exacting standards.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on Ravelry. Just click and you should be taken directly there.

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One thought on “Fish Lips and Felted Slippers

  1. Whoopee!! I very strongly doubt you will be disappointed Ev. The designer went out of her way to give detailed information in the instructions, which is why it’s so long. But the actual “doing” of the heel is very simple, very easy to remember, and very quickly accomplished. I’ve made 3 pair of socks using this pattern, in about 3 week’s time, partly because it was just that easy, but mostly because it was so much fun!

    I agree with you, the kids will get a kick out of watching their slippers felt and start to shape up. It fascinated me the first time, so it should definitely be a thrill for a child. LOL Happy knitting.

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