Fish Lips and Octopus Legs

It feels like I’m “under the sea”, as the Disney song says. I’ve downloaded a pattern with the lovely title of Fish Lips Kiss Heel and I’m working with two circular needles; yes, I know an octopus has eight legs but knitting with two circulars feels a little like knitting with legs dangling all over the place. It’s easy to lose count.. four, eight… when it’s ends of needles, who can tell?


This has become my very own personal challenge. I’ve been following the directions in the pattern/technique I wrote about on Sunday, the Fish Lips Kiss heel. Thing is, you start at the toe and the directions are for the heel. I’ve only ever made one pair of toe up socks and they are NOT my favourite socks, by any stretch.

Patty-Joy has you make up cardboard templates for each person you want to knit socks for (as you can see, I’m starting with Ethan – he has the smallest feet in the family around me) and work from that template. Last night, I had almost three inches of sock knit up but, when trying it on the template, it was on the big side. I’ll keep you informed as to how it all goes.

Herein lies the reason for today’s post (incidentally, don’t expect a daily post – I just happen to be on a roll and remembering how much fun blogging can be). Those of you who knit socks from the toe up… do you have a favourite toe? A favourite cast on? The one pictured is Judy’s Magic Cast On (there’s a link to it on the “On The Web” page (up at the top right of this page), which I quite like. I’m just not that familiar with starting at the toe.

Point me in the direction of your favourite toe pattern.


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4 thoughts on “Fish Lips and Octopus Legs

  1. I’ve used Judy’s Magic Cast-on, and successfully, but I prefer the Turkish cast-on, it just seems quicker and easier to me, and there are several videos on YouTube demonstrating how it’s done. ( You can use any pattern for the leg of the sock, but most of the time I do them plain or 2×2 ribbed. I let the yarn be the decoration rather than the pattern. Then for a very nice stretchy cast-off, I use this video (

    Making the template is the hardest part of knitting socks using the FLK heel pattern. The rest is really easy. I needed the pattern for 2 pair of socks. Now the heel is memorized, and I can just knit as I always did, but with a different heel. BTW, you can knit the socks cuff down too, using that same pattern. There are full details on how to do that as well, in the pattern instructions.

    The reason I didn’t knit toe up before is that every time I tried, they always came out much too big for me, and I never managed to make a pair that fit. Using this FKL technique, I have made my first perfectly fitting socks, from the toe up. Have fun!!

  2. I don’t do a whole lot of knitting anymore (on a break) but I have found myself enamoured of the round toe Cat Bordhi uses in Personal Paths. Here’s a link to the one for 2 needles – she also have videos for 1 Magic Loop and DPN’s.

    It’s nice to see Sandie Knapp is still around – I’ve missed her blog.

  3. I have that book! I should review it again. Thanks for reminding me, Leslie! Nice connecting again with you again. How are YOU?? Sandie’s still around; I have her in my FB friends so I do see what she’s up to (hi, Sandie!!).

  4. I only knit socks from the toe-up these days. It’s my favorite sock construction method. I start with Judy magic cast on also. I always knit a gusset, a heel cup and a slip stitch heel.

    I’ve never used a template but it sure would make sizing a lot easier. : )

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