And Now For the Finale

It’s getting colder here. This past week, the temperatures have dipped down to a very chilly -12ºC (about 10ºF) with the daytime temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Apparently, at the college, almost all the leaves are down, with a few stubborn holdouts (mainly the London Plane trees). There were even some swirling snowflakes yesterday; a sign of things to come? Winter is definitely here.

With the cold comes the need for “warmies”; I’ve started perusing mitten patterns for the kids (nothing fancy as I’m sure more than one pair will go missing before winter is over – they usually do). They’ll be needing them for sure! I’ll likely stay with an old tried and true basic mitten pattern as they knit up quickly and the pattern is a familiar one. And the slippers need knitting up very soon. Sooner rather than later!

In the interim, though, Ethan’s socks are coming along. I’m ready for binding off the first sock and the second has been cast on (that little bit of yarn on the needles perpendicular to the cuff.


Don’t mind the table cloth; it isn’t dirty. The streaks are old paint stains; this is my crafting tablecloth. I’d rather have spills and stains on it than on my nice fabric tablecloths – I should get a new one, though. This one’s rather ugly. I digress.

This is where the title of this post comes in. The finale would be the bind off. I’ll be using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, which originally appeared in the Knitty Fall 2009 issue.  There is also a You Tube video of the technique, by Cat Bordhi, for those who would prefer to see the bind off process in action.

Now, all I need is a foot to try the sock on. After that, it’s working towards the Grand Finale… a finished pair of socks!

Edited to add: IT FIT!!! Perfectly! On to sock #2!

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3 thoughts on “And Now For the Finale

  1. Congratulations! I really like that yarn, it’s a beautiful colorway, and I’m sure Ethan will love them. I told you they would fit, didn’t I? I hope you enjoyed the ease of knitting that heel, as much as I do. I have it well memorized now, so it’s smooth sailing from beginning to end these days. Have fun knitting up sock #2. 🙂

    • I must say, Sandie, you were right. The heel was very easy and turned out very well. Once I’ve finished Ethan’s, Trinity will be getting a pair as well.

  2. Beautiful! you have much to pass on to your grandchildren

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