One Pair Down

I am pleased to report that Ethan’s socks are off the needles, finished, ready to be slipped on to (not so) little feet. I’m feeling very productive and rather pleased with myself, to be honest.


Not only are they finished, they even match! I don’t normally go out of my way to make socks match when I’m using self-striping yarn but I thought that, in this case, I’d see how closely I could get them to match. They’re pretty much identical, right up to the cast off edge of the cuff (one half yellow, one half blue).


Trinity’s socks are coming along nicely, too. This was taken yesterday morning, before I’d finished Ethan’s socks. Trinity’s are further along now as well; I’m about halfway up the cuff. My goal is to have the first sock finished today and cast on for the second one by tonight. If I can get the toe done, it’s mindless knitting up to the heel.

I have to say, I’m pleased with this pattern/method. To call it a pattern is something of a misnomer. It’s really just a collection of its parts; I used the directions for the round toe, the directions for the Fish Lips Kiss heel, and then the directions for Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I will put links to all three on the “On The Web” page ( Jeny’s SSBO is already there).

Yesterday, I took Trinity and Ethan out for lunch and afterwards, we stopped in at Kelowna Yarn & Needlework. I wanted to pick up another long circular needle so I can work on two pairs of socks if I want to. While there, Trinity noticed a pair of gloves knitted with a self-striping yarn that was predominantly orange. She was instantly smitten, looked at me and asked, ever so beseechingly, “Grandma, can you make me a pair of gloves like that? Pleeeeeeease?”

I may be knitting gloves again. Sigh! (Really, they’re not that bad. As I said to John later, they’re nothing more than 5 little tubes and one larger tube… just fiddly.)

We had our first snowfall of the year this weekend. It wasn’t much but it sure was fun to be able to reveal to Trinity and Ethan the first snow they’ve encountered here in Kelowna. They were watching a movie when I opened the door and showed them that there was snow on the ground. After we finished dinner, they went out to play in the wet, slushy snow and even tried to make a snowman. By Saturday, it had frozen over and the kids spent a lot of time “skating” (sliding) on the driveway and sledding down the pile of sand (at the back corner or the yard). I was amazed at how much time they spent out there.



As for me? Snow on the ground means knitting time!

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4 thoughts on “One Pair Down

  1. We’ve had a “little” snow here, enough to cover the ground, but nothing spectacular. On Wednesday though, they are predicting 4″ to 6″ of snow for our area, and that will be our first real snow of this year. Enough to plow, but not so much as to bury us, like those poor folk up near Buffalo, NY this last week with over 80″ of snow fall. GAH!

    The socks, both pair, look great! I’m so glad you tried the FKL heel, and discovered for yourself, just how easy they are to do, and that makes them very quick to knit up too. I just finished a pair for my son, who has a size 13 shoe!! I used an entire ball of Opal sock yarn to make them, and that’s a lot of yarn too. When I knit a pair for myself, using the Opal yarn, there is always a nice big ball left over. Not this time. LOL

    So it looks like there will be a pair of orange mittens coming soon? Trinity knows how to pull your heart strings, I think. LOL Have a great day!

    • I do like this pattern, Sandie! Thank you for suggesting it. Trinity’s second sock is already well along, almost up to the heel. There is a good reason I started with the kids’ socks – men’s socks are way bigger!

      I likely will knit up a pair of gloves for Trinity but, first, I have to knit their slippers. This floor is cold! John and I need new slippers, too. Trinity… and Ethan… do know how to pull my heartstrings and I don’t mind in the least! 🙂

  2. Very nice going! I have a little tip for knitting the fiddly fingers of gloves, if you’re interested…get yourself the shortest little dp’s you can find. Mine are 4″. The smaller the diameter, the smaller the needle 😉

    • Great suggestion, Cheryl… if you like short needles. I bought a set and find that they poke into my palms. Some of them have since been turned into shawl pins. If anything, I’d go with even longer dpns than the 8″ needles I have, if I could find them.

      Thank you for checking out my blog, by the way. I’m heading over to check YOU out. 🙂

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