December – Part Two

Wow! It isn’t even noon yet and I’ve baked two batches of bread – two loaves of raisin bread and two loaves of Halifax County white bread. At least one loaf from each batch is destined for the freezer. Yesterday, I made a large pot of Dutch Split Pea soup and 5 one liter containers are now stored in the freezer. In addition to the baking, I’ve managed to keep the kitchen tidy and do some knitting. I need to do some laundry but the day is still young. I can honestly say I’m having a productive day.


In my last post, I ended by saying that there’s more knitting that’s in the works. Do you remember this mischievous little creature?


I knitted Little Monkey a few years ago now and have even started writing a children’s book about the Big Adventures of Little Monkey. (I’ve read it to Trinity and Ethan and they both loved it and wanted to hear more about Little Monkey’s escapades.) Well, this little monkey, we’ve decided, needs some clothes. To that end, I’ve downloaded two more of Annita Wilschut’s patterns, a pair of shorts and a dress, for this little monkey.

LM shorts

There isn’t much to see yet but I did cast on and worked a few rows last night. If you knit the monkey and the clothing in the same weight of yarn, the clothes come out just the right size. If you have never heard of Annita Wilschut, you should check out some of her creations. All of her patterns are very detailed and contain loads of pictures to guide you through the process. All of them are seamless, with minimal sewing required.  I have noticed some translation issues but, really, they’re minor. The only reason I know they’re translation-related is that I speak, read, and write (a little) Dutch, Annita’s first language.

Incidentally, I’ve already decided that one of my goals for 2015 is to write more Little Monkey stories. My grandchildren, my daughter, and my husband all agree that it’s something I really need to do.

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