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Back To Where I Was Before

Years (and years) ago, I was manager of a craft store. During my time there, I was exposed, naturally, to a lot of different crafts. One that developed into something of a passion was making my own creams, lotions, and bath products. I still love it but, these days, time, space and the lack of a dishwasher have put a crimp in my potion making.

I still have a lot of supplies tucked away in a closet under the stairs and I really hope I have the opportunity, and time (and a dishwasher) one day to get back to it.

This week, at work, two customers made a real impact on me. One, a soap maker, had some brochures printed, advertising her handcrafted soaps. When her brochures were ready, I let her know via email and asked her to bring me a bar of her Vanilla Oatmeal soap… oh my! It is amazing!! We started chatting about making soaps and creams and such and the urge to create was reborn.

Then, another customer, who is a bee keeper and sells her honey, soaps, creams, and such, all made with her own beeswax (not the honey, obviously), came in. Again, we talked briefly about creams, balms, lotions, and such and the urge to create was reinforced.

Last night, I made some cuticle balm (much needed… my hands are sooooo, so dry right now); I love it! I’ve also made some lip scrub… simple, really… just some coconut oil and sugar mixed together. Lightly “scrub” your lips, remove it with a warm damp washcloth and, voilà… soft lips.

Today, the kids were here and I wanted to make something with Trinity. So, we made lip balm. It’s easy, really. Some beeswax, some cocoa butter, some coconut oil, a bit of honey… melt it all together, pour it into containers…. done! Trinity was thrilled to have her very own lip balm and even my daughter was pleased. As soon as I gave her the tube, her comment was, “Mommy made??? Yes!!”.  She’s always been my biggest lip balm fan.

Then I had a brainwave. I knew exactly what to make with Trinity and I knew that Ethan would like it, too. I dug out the recipe, emptied the cupboard under the stairs searching for some supplies, realized I was missing a few things, went shopping with Trinity and, when we got back, went to work.

The results were even better than expected.

What did we make?


If you’d like the recipe, let me know and I’ll post it


Bath bombs!

Between Trinity and Ethan, we agreed on a scent… Sweet Orange… they smell amazing! Ethan loves the fact that they FIZZZZZZZZ…. he got a real kick out of playing with the leftover bits that wouldn’t fit in the molds. Right now, they’re drying and, once completely dry (about 24 hours), they’ll each get one and I’ll have one.

I’ve missed doing this stuff.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The middle of February… already! And, yes, today is Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty gorgeous here today. Right now, the sun is shining and it’s about 9ºC (48ºF). It’s definitely a day to get out there, something I intend to do shortly.

I did wander about a bit this morning, checking on the garden out front. I wasn’t surprised to see bits of green showing.


This is a stand of poppies, the nice big, bright red ones. I was surprised to see it, and the other stand, as green as they are; I think they may be the first to flower this year if they keep growing like this!


Even the roses are starting to put out buds; I noticed the irises and daisies are starting to come up, too. I did tell John that I’d wait until the beginning of March before getting into clean up mode but we may have to start sooner if this weather keeps up.


This is all that remains of our January snowfall. At one point, the kids had tunnels in this pile; it really was a big pile, higher than the kids were tall. They were even sledding down one side of it.

Now, though, spring is on its way and I, for one, am more than ready for it. We’re coming in to my favourite time of year.

This past week did see some progress on the knitting front.


That’s the first of John’s pair of slippers. I always chuckle as the size of these slippers before the felting process; they’re huge! I still have the second sole to complete but the knitting, at least, is done on this slipper. The second sole has been cast on. It doesn’t take long to knit the sole but it does demand some concentration; if you’ve ever knit this pattern, you’ll know what I mean.

I’ll try to get this pair done this weeked but I have every intention of enjoying this mild weather while we have it. In the meantime, I wish you all…….


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A Nice Quiet Family Kind of Day

It’s a nice, quiet day around here. Trinity, Ethan, and one of the neighbour’s girls are here, all of them on their individual tablets (mine’s safely out of reach); John’s reading on his Kobo and here I am, blogging. It’s Family Day here in BC, a statutory holiday for almost everyone; because a lot of their clients are in the U.S., Kristen’s new job celebrates American holidays. She’s working today, which is why the kids are here.

Even though we’re all on our individual pieces of the electronic world, I have done a few real world things today. I went shopping before picking the kids up from Kristen’s. Once here, while they were all (actually) playing, I baked a cake for tonight’s dessert. We’ll be having a roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables, a favourite around here.

Persian love cake

Persian Love Cake (not quite like the picture in the recipe)… that’s rose scented, saffron coloured, whipped cream, by the way. The cake is cardamon and lemon flavoured.

It’s been a lovely long weekend and I’m loathe to see it end, to be honest. I still have a lot of stuff I’d like to do this weekend and I know it won’t happen. I’ve started another couple of knitting projects (big surprise, right?). I need more time to work on them. What are they? Well, I’m glad you asked… not much in the way of pictures, I’m afraid.

I’ve started another pair of knitted clogs for John; I know HE’LL wear them………. out. This time, they’re navy with charcoal gray soles. I think that, this time, I may add some leather to the soles; hopefully, they’ll last a little longer than they usually do.

In addition to his slippers, I’ve also, finally, started a tea cozy. I’ve been meaning to make one for years and now that I have a four-cup Brown Betty, it’s time. For the cozy, I’m using some of yarn I had in my stash… forest green and purple.

Tea Cozy

Now, it’s time to relax for a while before dinner needs preparing. If the weather was nicer (it’s gray and damp here today but at least the snow has pretty much melted away), I’d shoo the kids outside to play and claim my comfy chair.

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Ever have those days where you seriously want to knit but absolutely just can’t? There’s no real reason you can’t but every time you sit in your favourite comfy chair and pick up something you’ve been working on for a while and seriously look at it, the question forms in your mind… why am I doing this? Yeah, THOSE days!

Well, I’m having way too many of those right now.


I’ve been working on Ethan’s slippers; then, while the kids were here last week (for the week), I noticed that he hasn’t been at all bothered by the coolness of the floors, even first thing in the morning. There was only one morning that he asked me to help him put his socks on. Trinity? Well, her feet were chilly but she found a pair of knitted slippers in a basket, put those on and was quite comfortable. Why am I bothering to make felted slippers for them?


Click for the pattern


Then, when Ethan came inside after playing in the snow, I realized how painfully pathetic his Dollar Store gloves were for playing in the white stuff, I started a pair of woolen mittens for him. After a day or two, I discovered his ski-type mittens in his back pack. Why didn’t I know they were there? He really doesn’t need another pair of mittens.


Click fort the pattern


I found a really cute pattern for a reading rest for my new tablet (did I tell you I’d bought myself a tablet??), started it, then found a pin on Pinterest for a fantastically simple tablet stand. It involves a metal book end (I just happened to have an extra one) and two binder clips, which I also just happened to have (well, I have one but it still works). Why bother knitting one when this one works just as well, put together in a fraction of the time?

It’s become a little frustrating, truth be told. I want to knit. I really do. Unfortunately, this week I’ve spent more time frogging than knitting.

I think I’ll go cook something instead.

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