Soap Making, Part 3

Ah, Monday, Monday. Back to work. Why does the work week seem so long and the weekend far too short?

I must admit, with all the smoke in the air yesterday, and the resultant gloom, neither of us felt much like doing anything yesterday. John, however, did get out into the flower garden to do some much needed weeding and cleaning up. The poppies are long done, the grasses (ornamental) were looking rather dried out and some of the weeds were taller than the plants. It looks much better now (no, I don’t have a picture; I’d go take one but I’m in my pyjamas and the neighbours have no need to see that).

As I posted in yesterday’s edit, I did make the Java Jolt soap. It smells wonderful – spicy, yet fresh and clean. I think this may end up being one of my favourites.


It doesn’t look anything like the picture on the web page but that’s alright with me. It was fun working with two shades in the same bar.


Right now, it’s a gorgeous shade of brown; it will probably lighten up somewhat by the time it’s fully cured.

With this soap, my soap making adventures are over for a while. There’s enough soap in my spare bedroom to last us a long time. That said, more than one bar of my soap is destined to find its way into the hands of family and friends. I may be making more sooner than expected.

Right now, here in the Okanagan, the sun is just started to make its way above the trees. Once again, it’s a glowing red orb in the sky. There’s still quite a bit of smoke hanging over the landscape but, thankfully, not as thick as it was yesterday. According to today’s weather forecast, we’ll be seeing the pall of the smoke for at least another couple of days. I swear that the glass of water on my bedside table even tastes smoky!

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2 thoughts on “Soap Making, Part 3

  1. Your soaps look great. You might want to look into making chocolate soap. Even if you don’t wash with it, it might be great to put in the undies drawer. I found some at our local Fiber Fest a few years back, to give to a friend that thinks of chocolate in her sleep. I thought it made for a fun gift. Chocolate that you could use and keep too, just couldn’t eat it………….LOL

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