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Well, I’ve had my slow cooker for almost a month now and I can honestly say, I like it! It’s so easy to throw all the ingredients into the pot, turn it on, and walk away knowing that, by the time we want it, dinner will be waiting for us. The challenge, at least for me, is finding recipes that appeal to us. We like simple, good food but there needs to be a depth of flavour that so many recipes seem to be missing. We don’t use a lot of processed foods so anything that uses canned soups, and ready made “ingredients” is out.


So far, we’ve tried a lentil soup (which was delicious), Chicken Tikka Masala (which was good but the recipe needs something… it lacked depth), and today I have Provencal Daube of Beef (from a library book). It’s basically a beef stew with Mediterranean flavours, marinated in wine with herbs and orange peel, and loaded with onions, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, and tomatoes. I’m already looking forward to dinner and it’s only 8:00 a.m.!

Kristen has been sounding very interested in getting a slow cooker after sampling what we’ve been making. Her birthday was this week and that got me thinking. Last weekend, I called her and asked if she would like a slow cooker for her birthday. I wanted to head over to Canadian Tire, where I got mine, and I told her that, if they were still on sale, I’d buy one for her.

The were, sort of. I paid $29.99 (+ taxes) for mine in a post-Christmas sale; the regular price was $49.99. They were on sale for $45.99, not much of a savings but still, $4.00 is $4.00. I put it in my cart. Then, I started wandering the aisles. I didn’t realize they had a sale table with items that had been returned. There was a crock pot on that table, exactly like the one I had in my cart. I looked for a price tag, not seeing it right away. When I did finally find the price, I immediately put it in my cart and put the other one back on the shelf.

The note on the tag read “opened, not suitable” and the price? $15.00. Yes, you read that right… $15.00! She is now the proud owner of a brand new crock pot and I have someone to swap recipes with.

So, what’s in YOUR crock pot/slow cooker?

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2 thoughts on “Slow Cookers & Stuff

  1. I love my crock pot. I got my old one back in the early 80s as a housewarming gift when I bought my first house – a shack with a wood burning cook stove in the kitchen!! I’ve done everything from roasting a chicken – to simmering spices for Christmas fragrance. My favorite recipes are still the old variations – veggies on the bottom, meat on the top, add spices, gravy, drippings & liquids on top. Half the liquid & twice the spice seems to be the secret for me.
    Newer crocks cook at a much higher temps than old ones! So, beware OLD recipes – the cooking times will be off. High on the old ones is Low on the new ones more or less. So I roast in the old one or cook when I’m going to be away for more than 6 hours & stew & simmer in the new. That being said, I’ve roasted Turkey legs & thighs in the new one which is wide & oval several times!!! I hear you can bake pies, cakes & bread in the darned thing too.
    There’s a Crockpot Love! “” group on Ravelry that talks about recipes, what they made, how it tasted, what the family thought & changes they made.

    • Sharon, you are a wealth of information! I think I’ve learned more from your post than I have in all the research I’ve done into crock pot cooking. Thank you!

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