Sick Day

Ethan has been sick this week. With his mom working, and me working, babysitting duties have fallen to Grandpa John. That lasted one day. Then, I got sick, too. Yesterday (Thursday), both Ethan and I had a sick day. (I’m having another one today; this cough is painful and I’m exhausted!)

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous spring days. It’s chilly in the shade but the sunshine is oh, so lovely. Ethan was definitely feeling better than he did on Wednesday and, after a lunch of Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup and a hot dog, he decided to play outside… with my camera.

There’s been a lot of renovation going on in the suite next door and each of the guys working there, or watching there, has a dog. In all, there were four dogs around the property yesterday and Ethan adores all of them. That was one of the reasons he asked if he could use my camera. Here are a few of the shots we took…

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4 thoughts on “Sick Day


    I wish I could come and play with the dogs and Ethan of course, My Doctor bought here new dog to visit last weekend Nancy is a Welsh Border Collie dog just like the one I had as a boy fifty years ago. My wife is allergic to animal fur so we have pets so I have to borrow other people pets. I found you via a Youtube video about Lucets. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, I spend to much time on the computer and need a hobby/craft to fill my time. I have always thought I wanted to do weaving but looms look to complicated so maybe a Lucet would be easier.

    PS I can understand your Blogger vs WordPress conundrum I love wordpress but monetised my blogger blogs which means I use blogger more often.

    • Welcome to my little corner of the virtual world, Don. I hear you about looms…plus, they can be quite large. A lucet is very portable. What about crochet? It’s also very easy to learn, very portable, and very adaptable.


        Crochet sounds a possible I doubt I will try anything now until the Autumn as we have weddings and other stuff going on for the next few months then our son and his new wife are heading off abroad for a two year stint. I dont want anything to fiddly as I have MS and my fingers are clumsy. Have a good week XX Don


    should read doctor bought her dog not here dog OOOPS

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