Positivity 101

One of the first things I decided to do is to get up at the same time each morning, except perhaps on weekends. Cuz.. weekends. To that end, I’ve been getting up by 7:00 a.m. this week; I know, it’s only Tuesday but it’s a step in the right direction. Once I’ve had my coffee and caught up on the internet, including the Daily Crossword on our local city webpage, I feed my Sourdough Starters.

Last week, on CBC’s The Current with Matt Galloway, they talked about a Citizen Science Experiment with Sourdough Starters. I decided that, since I already have a starter, I’d join the experiment. Coincidentally, the day before I heard the interview, I had started an experimental starter of my own, using rye and all-purpose flour rather than just the all-purpose flour my original starter was made with. My three year old starter just seems to be sluggish these days even though I’m getting decent bread. I just wanted to see how a combination starter would fare.

Anyway, my two little starters for this experiment, one with Rye flour and distilled water and the other with All-Purpose flour and tap water that’s been standing for 24 or so hours are bubbling away. Today is Day 8 for both of them and they’re really starting to take off, as you can see here. The black mark, incidentally, is where they were after their morning feeding.


At one point, I didn’t think the All-Purpose Flour starter was going to amount to anything but it has proven me very wrong. It also surprised me at first that the Rye/Distilled water starter hasn’t been more active than it is. In thinking about it, though, the rye flour has less gluten than the All-Purpose flour so I suppose it makes sense that it doesn’t rise as high.

Anyway, enough of the science-y stuff for now. Suffice it to say, it’s becoming a part of my morning and evening routines – feeding three sourdough starters.

I’ve also decided that I need to get out of here for a little while each day. Whether that’s going for a walk or heading into town to pick up some groceries, I need to get out and about. I did go out for a few minutes this morning to pick up a few items at the grocery store. It was a good time to go; there were very few people in the store and I was able to peruse at my leisure. I needed one more ingredient to make these, something I had decided to bake yesterday.


Peanut Butter Cookies, from one of the America’s Test Kitchen magazines. I’ve made these a few times now and they are really good. They’re not too sweet, with plenty of peanut flavour and they’re made with crunchy peanut butter and added chopped peanuts. A triple whammy of peanutty flavour, you could say.

And it isn’t even noon yet.

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