How to Lucet

How to Lucet

According to Wikipedia, the lucet can be traced back to the time of the Vikings. It is a two-pronged tool used for making cord. It resembles an i-cord, or a spool-knitted cord but unlike those uses only two stitches, or two prongs. Again, there’s very little speech in this video but I think you’ll catch on quickly.

Incidentally, I’ve been asked numerous times where I got my lucets. I’m very lucky in that I know people who have woodworking as a hobby. I have three lucets; two were made by a co-worker and one was made by my sister. I know that there are online suppliers and a Google search will bring them up.

Another thing… this is the very basic technique. I understand that there are other lucet techniques but I’m not familiar with them. If I learn any more about the lucet, I’ll update this page. The basic technique is what I wanted to convey and I think I’ve done that.


4 thoughts on “How to Lucet

  1. I love it!!! good start for kids

    • Thank you. Not everyone likes the fact that there is no voice over but I learn by watching and then doing so that’s how I make my tutorials.

  2. Donna Pepper

    Thank you, I found your video quite useful, no voice is just fine. I would be interested in any more you learn about lucets. I can only use one hand properly the other is a bit useless so I have taken up spool knitting and now my son has made me a lucet. It is so nice to finally be able use yarn again.
    I also love your chickadees.

    • Thank you, Donna. On more levels than just one. I haven’t learned much more about lucets but I’m pleased that you are able to play with yarn again. Thank you, too, for your compliment on my chicakee. 🙂

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