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Flying Time

No, I won’t be flying anywhere any time soon. It’s time that’s flying. Far too quickly. Do you realize it’s almost February?? How the heck did that happen? That endless spiral of hour following hour, day following day, week following week just seems to suck us all in, doesn’t it? Before we even realize it, another month has gone by. And what do I have to show for this past month? Not much.

Knitting has been sporadic at best. To be honest, I’m not even missing the needles. Yes, I pick up the Loop shawl occasionally, finish a row or two but, honestly, the satisfaction level I usually feel while knitting just isn’t there right now. I know the urge will return. It always does. Right now just doesn’t seem to be the time for knitting.


I’ve started doing a little sketching again; and when I say a little, I really do mean that. Doodles have been popping up on my desk calendar at work. Little scribbles have been showing up on my desk at home. Apparently, my pencils have been calling and I’ve been hearing the siren call, picking up a pencil. It’s a start. And it’s about time.


I’ve also been a little obsessed with macarons for the last couple of weeks. These little French delicacies are so yummy and so finicky, especially when you have an oven that’s way hotter than the dial shows and bakes unevenly.


Lemon Macarons – These look pretty good but they’re hollow inside.

I’ve been trying to bake THE perfect batch and, after three or four batches, I haven’t done it yet. Maybe today, right? It’s definitely been an enjoyable, and tasty, learning experience. Even a “failed” batch tastes amazing. If you’d like to read more about my “experiments”, check out my cooking/baking blog here.

Around the yard, the kids have been skating more and getting much more comfortable. Ethan no longer needs, or wants, something to hold on to. He’s even been practicing with a hockey stick and puck! Trinity has finally gotten over her disgust of the figure skates (and the “pickers”) and was trying some “moves” last weekend (until she fell hard on her hip). Temperatures right now are hovering around the freezing mark and the ice is still great. It would be nice to see it used a little more often but, in the meantime, we’re having fun. And, no, I have not gotten back on to the ice.


Apparently, John DID get on the ice this past week, with Ethan and his friend, but there’s no photographic evidence to support his claim. I’ll have to verify it with Ethan.

To be honest, I’m making it sound like January’s been a downer. It really hasn’t been. It’s just been a quiet month and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a time for quiet, a time for rest, a time for restoration. It’s just going by far too quickly!

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Oh, Hello!

Oh dear, I have been neglectful, haven’t I? My last post was almost a month ago! I’m not sure where the time has gone but, obviously, I’ve been busy with other things.

Knitting has, unfortunately, been very much on the back burner. I have done a little more on the 10-stitch blanket but I can’t get any more of the yarn right now (it’s a supply problem, apparently; it’s been back ordered twice now) and there’s just a small ball remaining, definitely not enough to finish it. I haven’t been working on the Lowtide cardi because I just haven’t felt like it! How’s that for the truth? It’s resting in a basket beside my recliner but I haven’t picked it up in a long time. For that matter, I haven’t even been sitting in the recliner much lately. Hmm… So what have I been doing, anyway?

John and I took a lovely drive, using back roads, all the way to Salmon Arm (a round trip of about five hours) a few weeks ago. It was a lovely opportunity to get out and look at our fabulous area and take a few pictures. It was also a great way of having some quality “us” time.


Okanagan Lake, taken from Westside Road, looking towards Vernon.

Fintry barn

The horse barn at Fintry Estate, Fintry’s Landing.

Equine Rangers

The Equine Rangers, Enderby, B.C. Working to make their community horse-friendly.

Apart from that, we’ve just been busy around here, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and painting. Yeah, painting. But not the kind you’re thinking of. Because of one of my customers, an amateur artist who occasionally has greeting cards made with some of his paintings, I was inspired to try my hand at it. I’ve been wanting to paint with watercolours for a long time, and have all the supplies (have had for a long time), I decided to splurge on some watercolour paper and give it another try.


I’ve been told, “Paint what you see”. I just happened to be drinking a glass of wine.

It was fun! And nowadays, there are plenty of websites and YouTube videos with instructions so I really have no more excuses. Besides, I need another hobby, right?

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