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Should I Hang My Head In Shame?

I’ve just noticed that my last post was a month ago! Where on earth has the time gone? I guess I’ve been busy, right? As for hanging my head in shame, I won’t. I realize that blogging isn’t a life or death thing. It’s something I choose to do, not something I have to do.

So, what’s been happening, you might well ask. I have been busy. I have been going to the gym. Usually, I go three times a week, after work. Then, on the weekends, I go for a nice long walk with my camera in hand. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much of interest to take pictures of. Maybe I need to change my route.

I’ve also noticed that with the heat we’ve been having (temperatures in the low 30’sC or high 80’sF), we did a whole lot of nothing but sit in an air-conditioned room!

However, there are things I could be writing about. I think I mentioned, didn’t I, that while in Edmonton, I found some more yarn for the 10-stitch blanket? Well, despite the heat (trust me, it’s been hot!), I did get started on one of the two balls of yarn.

10stitch diagonal

This is how it looks right now. With John’s input, we decided to go with the ball on the right first:

10stitch yarnI do try to work on it a little bit when I can but, really, knitting just isn’t on the menu right now, I’m finding. I think the heat is just sapping the desire to work with any kind of fibre right now. Then again, there’s no rush to complete this project. It’s not meant for anyone but us.

When I posted a photo on my photo blog this morning (Clicks ‘n Things, if you’re interested), there was a little message in the top right hand corner, a symbol really. When I clicked on it, this is what I saw…

5 years WPFive years ago, I first registered with WordPress! I know I’ve been blogging for quite some time (I started with Blogger in 2005) but I didn’t realize it’s been five years that I’ve been with WordPress. Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been blogging on WordPress for that long. I remember setting up a blog but not doing anything with it. At the time, I remember thinking that Blogger was easier so I abandoned WP. As you are probably aware, I’ve changed my mind in the interim. I now have five WP blogs.

I’ve rambled on long enough for today, I think. Again, I apologize for the long silence. I’m not going anywhere, my voice has just been silent for a while. There’s more to ramble about but I’ll save it for another day.




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