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And Now It’s Two Down

Well, as of this morning, Trinity’s socks are done! Even though we’ve had company most of the week, I’ve been working on her socks every night; it’s only been a few rows while watching a TV show on the computer but it was progress. When I compared sock #2 to sock #1 this morning, I only had two more rounds to work and then the cast off.

I think she’ll be happy.

Trin socks1

This was sock #1 after I gave Ethan’s his pair earlier this week. And this morning?

Trin socks finished

Done! Off the needles. Packaged up and ready to give to Trin.

Hmm, I purposely didn’t make them match but they do come close, don’t they? (And the little string bow at the top is only there to tie the socks together.)

Now, what next?? Ah yes, the slippers!

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