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Snow Day

It’s December in the Okanagan. We expect snow. We’ve had snow for the past couple of weeks. I’m okay with that. Honestly, I am.

However, overnight we received another 5-6″, with more still falling. I did make the effort to get out the door and try to get to work for a four-hour day. No. Just no. The roads are dreadful and people are driving way too fast for the conditions. At one point, I was driving at a 45º angle! Four hours of work is not worth taking my life into my hands.

And so, time will be spent working on a project I started in October of 2015 (yikes!), the Hidden Light Cardigan for John. The back is done, the front panels are done up to the arm scyes. And then, I got bored. Or my hands hurt. Whatever the reason, the bag with the pieces and needles has been languishing in my yarn stash. Yesterday, after work, I decided it was time to pull it back out, dust off the pattern (which I would have done had I been able to find it) and pick up where I left off.



This picture really captures the colour very well.

And so, today I will be spending time listening to the weather news and working on John’s sweater.

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Let’s Get Back To The Important Stuff

I’m knitting! I have finally been inspired to start on a new sweater for John. I don’t know if you remember but in February (yeah, that long ago!), I bought a bag of yarn to make a sweater. John chose the colour, I chose the weight (heavy worsted) and I tried to come up with a design that I was happy with, that he would like.

Well, that was a dismal failure.

Then, Saturday, I was looking at men’s sweaters on the Drops website ( and came across this one.

45-1Knowing John’s tastes, I had him look at it; his immediate comment? “I love it!” Yup, I figured he would. He likes his sweaters loose and comfortable, casual and yet classy.

After that easy decision, it was time to swatch and swatch again. Earlier, I’d swatched with two different needle sizes, 4.5 mm and 5.0 mm. Now it was time to swatch in pattern. Well, colour me happy! On a 5.0 mm needle, the swatch worked out perfectly.

I’ve now cast on and I’m on my way…. I’m knitting again!


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